Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My First Hat and Socks

So I finally taught myself how to make a hat a few weeks ago, and that's the first one, I ever made. And as I usually do, I just made up my own pattern as I went.

I also made a pair of socks and a little wristband(not pictured) to go with the hat, because I had a TON of left over yarn.

Here's the pattern for the hat:

Lace Hat:

Note:This version was made for a head approx. 22".

Yarn:I used a discontinued Lion Brand Yarn, but any worsted weight will work. The color was Pastel Pink.
Needles: 1 US8/5mm Cable needle(I used 36", but a 24" should work)
1 Set of US8/5mm DPNS

CO 105 st.

Row 1: k3, p3 all the way around (you should end with k3)
Row 2-Row 7: Repeat Row 1.
Row 8: *k10, k2tog repeat from * til you have 6 st left. k4, k2tog(95 st)
Row 9: k95
Row 10-Row 15: Repeat Row 9
Row 16: k1, *YO, k2tog repeat from *
Row 17: k all st
Repeat Rows 16 & 17 until the piece measures approx 4 1/2"

Crown Shaping:
Row 1: *k14, k2tog repeat from *
Row 2: k all st
Row 3: *k13, k2tog repeat from *
Row 4: k all st
Row 5: *k12, k2tog repeat from *
Row 6: k all st
Row 7: *k11, k2tog repeat from *
Row 8: k all st
Row 9: *k10, k2tog repeat from *
Row 10: k all st
Row 11: *k9, k2tog repeat from *
Row 12: k all st
Row 13: *k8, k2tog repeat from *
Row 14: k all st
Row 15: *k7, k2tog repeat from *
Row 16: k all st
Row 17: *k6, k2tog repeat from *
Row 18: k all st
Row 19: *k5, k2tog repeat from *
Row 20: k all st
Row 21: *k4, k2tog repeat from *
Row 22: k all st
Row 23: *k3, k2tog repeat from *
Row 24: k all st
Row 25: *k2, k2tog repeat from *
Row 26: k all st
Row 27: *k2, k2tog repeat from *
Row 28: k all st
Row 29: *k2tog repeat from *(6 st)
Row 30: k all st(6 st)

Break yarn and pull through remaining st and pull tight.
Weave in ends.

YAY! You're done!
Please correct me if anything doesn't make sense or the numbers don't match up.


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